IT Department

As Director of Information and Technology, I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate today’s technology to empower my fellow employees to better serve our customers.  I have been with DataQDirect for about 5 years now and in that time I have made some major changes to the technology that helps drive our business. 

Beginning in 2009, I upgraded the company phone infrastructure to run on a VoIP system.  This change enables our sales team to work on the road or in the office by providing them the ability to have a remote office with a telephone number that can follow them anywhere allowing face to face interaction for a more personal approach to customer service. 

In 2010 I helped create the first generation of our website,  Then in 2011, when we needed a faster more robust site, I managed a team of developers to redesign the website from the bottom up.  The new site offered many new features and we received wonderful feedback from our customers.  Still not satisfied with having to rely on others to make changes to the site, I decided to create the third and most recent generation of  May of this year we launched the newest version of  We now have the ability to control our own code which allows us to make changes that our customers request much faster.  Customers also benefit from many of the new modifications we have added to the site.  This includes the ability to maintain an address book for multiple shipping addresses, pay with Paypal, Amazon Payments, Credit Card, or Bank Wire transfer.  Customers can also ship on their own Fed Ex, UPS, DHL or USPS account of choice or choose one of the many options we provide them at checkout. Other features that are new include web chat, easier search and navigation, fraud protection as well as many other new features.

Last year we made a company decision to migrate from our current Customer Relationship Management portal with to a newer platform with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The new CRM offers employees a granular look at each and every one of our customer accounts.  Account Executives can easily log and track email conversations, record phone calls, as well as track sales order progress throughout the entire sales pipeline helping us stay on top of our customers’ needs.

This year we invested in our network infrastructure by upgrading our older servers.  The new infrastructure allows employees of DataQDirect to render customer information faster, work remotely utilizing virtual desktop environment, as well as rest assure that our files are backed up in real time to the Cloud. 

I think you will like the changes we have made at DataQDirect and through investing in our own technology.  Visit our new website today or call and see for yourself.


Erik Mellon

Director of Technology