Customer Service

The customer service experience here at DataQ Direct has never been more focused on 100% customer satisfaction.  The implementation of new quality control measures, along with the streamlining of the customer service and e-commerce response team actions, has allowed us to attain and maintain an unmatched level of customer satisfaction across all of our seller platforms. Clear messaging and instructions, timely responses, and an overall demeanor of truly wanting to ensure the best buying experience for our customers is one of the biggest ways we can provide value to our customers not only as a supplier, but as a trusted and valuable working relationship.

               We strive to take that level of customer satisfaction even further in the future. DataQ Direct is always looking to find ways to improve on existing procedures, and more than willing to take the hard look at ourselves to see if there is anywhere we are falling short. This push for always improving systems gives our customers the true advantage when dealing with us over our competition. Customers always receive a personal written response, no auto emails or canned letters. Each customer’s situation is treated as just that: an individual case. We take great pride in being able to work with customers on a case by case basis, because eliminating broad answers to specific questions is an important step in understanding and growing strong and successful relationships.